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A Message from Hanae Garrison,
2021 Schoodic Institute Early-Career Scientist

I’ve always loved spending time outside and being surrounded by trees,
abundant wildlife, and plants. As a child, I would explore my neighborhood to
find cool bugs, watch the plants in my backyard change over time, and ask lots
of questions about things I observed. When I realized my curiosity could be
put to use and I could make a career out of learning more about and working
towards conserving my natural environment, I was hooked.

My five-month experience as an Ecology Field Technician at Schoodic Institute
has been absolutely amazing; in rain or shine, I’ve enjoyed every second of
the fieldwork we do. I’ve worked in a wide variety of habitats, from mudflats
to mossy forests to slippery intertidal zones. With each new environment,
I’ve gained valuable skills, whether it’s navigating to a remote site using GPS
devices, leading volunteers in field data collection, or learning to use new
sampling equipment.

I feel fortunate to have lived and worked in Acadia National Park during the
field season and collaborated with such supportive co-workers and supervisors.
It’s not everywhere you find like-minded people who are just as excited to see
fascinating rock formations, a vibrant red mushroom hiding behind a decaying
log, or a periwinkle snail peering out from its shell. I learned something new
every day by interacting with Schoodic Institute and Acadia National Park staff
asking questions about the creatures and plants I came across.

I’m thankful to Schoodic Institute for providing early-career scientists with the
opportunity to work in such a beautiful location and gain desirable skills and
qualifications that will set us apart in the competitive job market.

I will take all I have learned with me wherever I go and will forever be inspired
by the work Schoodic Institute does.

Thank you,
Hanae Garrison
Ecology Field Technician 2021