Frequently Asked Questions

Schoodic Institute and Friends of Acadia share the common goal of helping create the brightest future for Acadia National Park, a philosophy that we can add value by working together and coordinating our efforts, and an understanding that the success of both organizations is in the best interest of Acadia and our region.

1. What are the missions of Friends of Acadia and Schoodic Institute?

The mission of Friends of Acadia is to preserve, protect, and promote stewardship of the outstanding natural beauty, ecological vitality, and distinctive cultural resources of Acadia National Park and surrounding communities for the inspiration and enjoyment of current and future generations.

The mission of Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park is to guide present and future generations to greater understanding and respect for nature by providing research and learning opportunities through its outstanding Acadia National Park setting, unique coastal Maine facilities, and innovative partnership programs.

2. Are Friends of Acadia and Schoodic Institute affiliated with each other?

Each organization is an independent 501c3 nonprofit, dependent for its success, at least in part, on philanthropic support from individuals and foundations.

3. Do contributions to either organization support the other?

Although there are areas in which each organization’s work is relevant to the other, and some areas of direct partnership, in general, contributions to one organization do NOT directly support the other.  Each contributes to Acadia and local communities in distinct ways, and each must raise its own operating budget.

Friends of Acadia is a long-established grant-maker to Acadia National Park.  Grants from Friends of Acadia may support Acadia National Park programs that occur in partnership between Acadia National Park and Schoodic Institute, or in certain instances, grants may be made directly to Schoodic Institute for such programs.

4. What are some areas where Friends of Acadia and Schoodic Institute work together?

The primary areas of partnership are in our shared commitments to youth and to resource protection.  Delineating roles for each of these areas and how we are working together – or separately on complementary projects – will help ensure efficiency for each organization, clarity for our donors, and the best end result for Acadia National Park.