Information for Researchers

Research Facilities

Facilities are available for researchers interested in conducting field or lab work, running courses, holding workshops, or just getting away to a beautiful place to write a paper or proposal.

Permits for Conducting Research

If you are interested in doing research in Acadia National Park, please see the Park’s permit information page. Schoodic Institute staff help Acadia National Park administer the research program.

Acadia National Park research records are available in a searchable database hosted by the National Park Service.Tip: Filter your results to Acadia National Park, then enter a search term to narrow your results.  

View a list of 2019 research permits

The number of research permits has been steadily increasing since the establishment of the Schoodic Institute. In 2017, there were 85 research permits, more than triple the total in 2001. Nearly three-quarters of the research being conducted in Acadia National Park is ecological in nature, with the remaining topics focusing on air and water quality, geology, the social sciences, and cultural resources.

image of graphs on 2017 research permits