Map & Directions

Schoodic Institute and the Schoodic Education and Research Center are located on Schoodic Point, in Acadia National Park in the town of Winter Harbor, Maine.

Approximate driving times to the Schoodic Institute:

  • 10 minutes from Winter Harbor
  • 45 minutes from Ellsworth
  • 1 hour from Bar Harbor
  • 1.25 hours from Bangor
  • 3.5 hours from Portland
  • 5.5 hours from Boston

From the North or the South

Take US Route 1 to Gouldsboro and turn on to Maine Route 186 at the (brown) Acadia National Park / Schoodic Section entrance sign. Follow 186 to Winter Harbor and turn left at the waterfront. Continue to the main entrance of the Schoodic Peninsula section of Acadia National Park and turn right at the sign. The park road is a six mile, one-way loop that offers views of lobster boats, seabirds, and forest-draped islands. Keep to the right where the road splits. Schoodic Institute is located at the southernmost tip of the Peninsula. Look for entrance signs to the campus on the right before you reach Schoodic Point.

The drive from Bar Harbor to the Schoodic Peninsula takes about one hour. In the summer a passenger ferry travels between Bar Harbor and Winter Harbor, and the Islander Explorer bus provides transportation from the ferry terminal to the Schoodic section of the park, as well as Prospect Harbor and Winter Harbor.

Coordinates for your GPS unit that will bring you to Moore Auditorium on the SERC campus:

Long -68.061043 (Notice the -negative)/Lat. 44.33554

A note of caution: Due to road, name, and address changes during campus renovation, many GPS systems may not navigate accurately to specific addresses on campus.


Please note, overnight parking on the Schoodic Institute campus requires approval and is for registered guests only. Overnight parking without a reservation could result in a ticket or fine for out of bounds camping.