Schoodic Institute’s focus is understanding environmental change taking place in Acadia and beyond, and helping managers respond and adapt to change.

We integrate science with learning, engagement, and communication. Staff scientists with expertise in ecology, climate change adaptation, and biodiversity monitoring work together with specialists in science information, education, and communication, as well as students and volunteers of all ages.

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Our Motivation

Schoodic Institute is located within Wabanaki Homeland and in Acadia National Park. This is a place of ecological transition between temperate and boreal forest as well as coastal to inland environments, inspiring our research to document and understand change from “sea to trees.” The region is experiencing longer growing seasons, heavier rain events as well as drought, and shifting plant and animal populations. Extreme weather events are damaging ecosystems, cultural resources, and infrastructure. Changes are happening quickly and are likely to accelerate in coming years to decades. Addressing these challenges here in Acadia, in neighboring communities, and beyond requires work that spans boundaries—among ecosystems, human communities, and institutions. It also means taking a broad perspective of science, recognizing and supporting multiple ways of connecting to, understanding, and communicating about the natural world.

Science is for everyone and everyone can contribute to science. We invite you to join us.