The National Park Service (NPS), Maine Forest Service, University of Maine, the Entomological Society, and the Schoodic Institute have sponsored biodiversity discovery (Bioblitz) events.

2004-2012 Bioblitzes

The 2004-2012 bioblitzes for insects and spiders identified 1,605 species in 248 families, of which 525 and 109 were new species records for the Park and State of Maine, respectively.

2013-2014 Bioblitz

With a focused on beetles, more than 400 species were recorded of which 109 were new records for the park.

2015 Bioblitz

In 2015, volunteers from all over New England, guided by members of the Maine Entomological Society, captured more than a thousand specimens of wasps, bees, and ants and promptly sorted all of them. The collecting effort yielded approximately 300 species, with the possibility of newly discovered species.

2016 Bioblitz

The 2016 Bioblitz focused on butterflies and moths. The 2016 effort included the introduction and use of iNaturalist. This app and activity allowed for the use of smartphones, iPads and digital cameras to photograph target species and contributed to a biodiversity database devoted to Acadia National Park.