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“As a student I studied with many different teachers and was taught numerous different and often contradictory approaches. There are so many ways to approach painting as is demonstrated by the work of our history of great artists. I enjoyed hearing so many different approaches because it made me realize that there is no one way and it made me feel free to pick and chose what I heard and find my own way,” notes Kevin Beers, who is teaching a painting retreat August 11-14 at Schoodic Institute.

“For me the most important thing is training your eye not just to look but to see. Truly see. I love to dig deep and find out what the colors really are of a subject I’m studying. A terrific benefit is that you train your eyes to really look, and you find yourself looking all the time not just when painting. You have the gift of seeing truly seeing the world. I love to find myself surprised in my daily comings and goings by what I see around me,” says Beers.

All skill levels are welcome at this special workshop. Register today!