Maine’s Climate Future Report

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Nearly every climate-related parameter measured in Maine is accelerating, according to “Maine’s Climate Future — 2020 Update,” the latest report from the University of Maine, Maine Sea Grant, and Schoodic Institute. The rate of air and sea warming is increasing. Precipitation is increasing in intensity and volume, and sea level is not only rising, but rising faster than in the previous century.

Maine’s Climate Future — 2020 Update builds on previous Maine’s Climate Future reports published in 2015 and 2009.

The report points to the growing evidence of impacts of climate change on Maine’s farms, fields, forests, marine resources, and aspects of culture and economy. The report also points to resources and activities that represent opportunities to address the climate challenge, and actions that Maine people are taking to deal with climate-related changes.

“Our work at Schoodic Institute focuses on understanding environmental change in Acadia and beyond, as well as helping those charged with managing protected areas to respond and adapt to change. This 2020 update, while alarming, affirms that Maine people have the will and capacity to thrive in uncertain times,” said Catherine Schmitt, Schoodic Institute science communication specialist and a co-author of the report.

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