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Rural Aspirations, in collaboration with Schoodic Institute and many other cross-sector organizations, has developed a tool for teachers and families to support and highlight community-based learning opportunities in Maine. This resource is designed to connect teachers and families with the amazing work of educational and social service organizations across the state. Schoodic Institute and Maine Environmental Education Association are working together to curate the Science in Maine Communities section of the website. We encourage educators who are willing to provide a resource, lesson plan, live session, office hours, etc. to reach out—we are all in this together and together we can create incredible learning opportunities for youth across our state!

With the onset of COVID-19, teaching and learning have entered our homes and virtual platforms in unprecedented ways, and with that comes an expanded opportunity to connect and support students together, using Maine resources to support Maine teachers and families. The site is launching today, April 10, 2020, and will be in a beta phase for the next three weeks. We are asking parents and teachers and organizations to engage with the site, participate in sessions, connect students to opportunities and join us in developing the final touches to best meet the needs of teachers, parents, and students.

PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS: Department of Education, Maine Environmental Education Association, Island Readers & Writers, Schoodic Institute, UMaine College of Education & Human Development, Island Institute, and Rural Aspirations