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The 118th annual Christmas Bird Count period, a worldwide citizen science program orchestrated by Audubon over 100 years ago, is complete. January 1, 2018 marked the date of the Schoodic Point Christmas Bird Count which has occurred every year since 1969.

Despite sub-zero temperatures at dawn and the bone-penetrating windchill throughout the day, 20 participants spread out across the area from Hancock to Corea, and many points between, to count every bird observation. Here is the result:

Total Species: 56
Total Individuals: 2397
# of People Participants: 20


Car Time: 36.25 Hours

Car Distance: 349 Miles

By Foot Time: 4.5 Hours

Foot Distance: 6.25 Miles

Compilers: Bill Townsend, Seth Benz

Participants: Chuck Whitney, Ed Hawkes, Deb Hawkes, Bruce Barker, Kyle Lima, Don Lima, Rich MacDonald, Tammy Packie, Rob Packie, Susan Haight, Mary Flaum, Glen Mittelhauser, Paul Haertel, Margot Haertel, Cynthia Ocel, David Manski, John Correll, Susan Ostertag