Cadillac Mountain Restoration

In this experiment, we are testing methods to re-establish plants on eroded areas of Cadillac Mountain summit (1530’). The summit of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park contains exceptional plant communities and multiple rare plant populations. The summit is a major park visitor destination and has experienced heavy human use for over 150 years. Vegetation has been lost and soil has eroded away from many areas on Cadillac summit due to this substantial human use and the challenging climatic conditions present on the open summit, including a major increase in heavy rainfall events associated with anthropogenic climate change.

This project, a collaboration with Bill Brumback at the Native Plant Trust, Abe Miller-Rushing at Acadia NP, and Jill Weber, is examining multiple plant restoration methods to determine effective and achievable revegetation methods. Experimental treatments include combinations of soil, erosion fabric, seed, and seedling additions to test plots on the summit.