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by Abe Miller-Rushing and Emma Albee

Welcome to the first season of science article for Acadia National Park. These posts will share recent science happening in Acadia. We will point out some new online science content, research permits issued to date (i.e., studies slated to take place this year), and scientific publications that have come out.

If you don’t regularly poke around the park website looking for science stories, you may have missed the additions of new content—lots and lots of new stories.

In terms of upcoming research, the field season is just getting started with a few studies taking place focused on waterbirds and spring breeding of amphibians, including an unusual population of salamanders that breed just above the intertidal.

Acadia National Park works with its partners at Schoodic Institute to increase the effectiveness and communication of research in the national park, including the management and issuing of research permits.

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