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Schoodic Point birds are featured in a new immersive audio experience of the planet’s protected places. Recorded by volunteer Laura Sebastinelli, the June songs and calls of breeding and migrating birds are part of the Sounds of Your Park initiative, a continuously growing collection of sounds intended to celebrate the acoustical beauty and diversity of the world’s national parks and other protected areas. Natural spaces, species, and traditional cultural practices are disappearing around the globe as the modern human footprint expands. Coupled with this loss is the associated loss of natural and cultural soundscapes. Stated plainly, some of the planet’s most iconic sounds are disappearing and are now largely confined to the most isolated and protected places.

The Schoodic sounds include a singing winter wren, blue-headed vireo, golden-crowned kinglet, and Swainson’s thrush, and a “booming” common nighthawk.

The project is a #NatureForAll collaboration. Having access to protected places and their sounds helps restore human well-being and ecosystem health and, in turn, raises awareness of these critically important places. Have a listen.