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Every summer, Schoodic Institute hosts a number of students, technicians, and visiting scientists assisting with environmental monitoring and conducting research in Acadia National Park. Campus is abuzz with their energy, their curiosity, and their optimism. In addition to the following seasonal staff, interns, volunteers, and visiting researchers, we also host and support forest and intertidal monitoring crews with the Northeast Temperate Inventory & Monitoring Network.

Science Technicians

Madeleine Bunnenberg-Ross, General Ecology Technician. Madeleine is from Claremont, California and is assisting with multiple projects.

Cas Carroll, Forest Ecology Technician. Cas is assisting Forest Ecology Program Director Nicholas Fisichelli with several research projects across the region.

Paola Vasquez-Gomez, Citizen Science Coordinator. Paola is coordinating teams of Earthwatch volunteers who contribute to our long-term monitoring of changes in food availability during bird migration.

Andrew Zachman,  Citizen Science Technician. Andrew is from University of North Carolina.

College Students

Henry Hurt, University of Richmond

Sally Burke, Colby College

Jackie Florman, Colby College

Courtney Day, EMMC Culinary

Nate Hofford, Ohio State University. Nate was at Schoodic in June, working on an independent research project about invasive plant species management and communication.

Visiting researchers

Francis Choi and Danielle Whalen, Northeastern University. Francis and Danielle are working on intertidal research led by Catherine Matassa.

John Cigliano, Cedar Crest College. John is studying the effects of ocean acidification and warming on tidepool systems.

Richard Feldman, Yucatan Center for Scientific Research in Merida, Mexico. Richard studies bird migration and is the lead scientist for the Downeast Phenology Trail.

Chris Nadeau, University of Connecticut. Chris is continuing field research conducted as part of a Second Century Stewardship fellowship in 2017.

Jenny Smetzer, Smith College. Jenny is a 2019 Second Century Stewardship fellow studying climate “refugia” in Acadia National Park.

Maik Werning and Tarek Neubert, University of Goettingen, Germany. Maik and Tarek are graduate students on a research project with Dominik Seidel and Nicholas Fisichelli to assess forest structure in Acadia and how it compares with other protected forests worldwide.

Bird Ecology Program Volunteers

Deb Priest, Keith Ohmart, and Laura Sebastianelli are working with Bird Ecology Program Director Seth Benz.

Impressions from team members: