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by Megan Moshier, Director of Sales and Operations

The success of Schoodic Institute relies heavily on the support of volunteers. In 2023, volunteers in our Welcome Center at Rockefeller Hall (open May through October) greeted over 24,000 visitors – a record high!

As we prepare for the 2024 upcoming season, we’re excited to invite members of our community to apply for one of our volunteer positions on campus. In this role as an ambassador for Schoodic Institute and Acadia National Park, you’ll meet with visitors to share information about places to visit, local resources, science taking place in Acadia, and the history of the Institute.

If you are interested in volunteering at the Welcome Center (or in another capacity such as painting, gardening, or light maintenance on campus in Winter Harbor), please reach out to Megan Moshier at or (207) 288-1337. To view and download the volunteer position application, please click here.


At the left hand side, volunteer host Tommy Jarrett applies a fresh coat of paint to the exterior of a door at Rockefeller Hall on the Schoodic Institute campus. At the right hand side, volunteer host John Foldeschi does some light maintenance to the outdoor patio at Schoodic Institute.