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by Hannah Webber and Shannon O’Brien

This year brings the return of a full crew of technicians and interns, along with new Acadia Early Career Fellows in Science Research, Education, and Communication.

This early career crew will count trees, measure clams, identify moths, travel miles–by vehicle, foot, and boat, work solo and in swarms. In true Schoodic fashion they will not only contribute to the science of Acadia and beyond through their field efforts, but they will also share their work through story and teaching.

We are truly thrilled to be working with them. Stop by or follow on social media to see what they are up to during the season.

College Interns

Isobel Smith, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Jes Hosch, University of Minnesota
Josh Miner, College of William & Mary

Scientist-in-Parks Intern

Maya Chari, University of California Los Angeles

Schoodic Institute Ecology Technicians

Elizabeth Halasz, University of Richmond
Jess Moskowitz, Mount Holyoke College
Mara Halloran, Lewis and Clark College
Erica Roche, University of Maine

Acadia Early Career Fellows

Maya Pelletier, Vassar College
Mikayla Gullace, Hobart William Smith
Olivia Milloway, Emory University

NPS Northeast Temperate Network Monitoring Technicians

Derek Walsh
Ethan Skuches
Jamie Attanasio
Madison Stevens
Marcos Rodriguez
Julien Chouinard

Schoodic Education Adventure Teaching Assistants

Abigail Charlebois
Aubrey Bartman
Courtney Martinex
Elcena Nourmiev
Emily Renkey
Julia Tamlyn
Katlyn Jackson