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Help support migrating birds and our fledgling scientists as they take flight on their epic journeys! Donations to this campaign directly support four months of daily bird migration monitoring by an early-career scientist who will join the next generation of conservation champions. Transformative experiences at Schoodic Institute are an important stop on their conservation path. Your support will help advance our understanding of the status and trends of Acadia’s bird populations.

Each autumn, bird monitors, along with interns, staff, and volunteer citizen scientists, make thousands of bird observations. We count birds of prey from the top of Cadillac Mountain, and have noted declines in American kestrel and other raptors. Flocks of shorebirds are tracked at Pinkham Bay. Seabirds – loons, sea ducks, gannets, cormorants, and more –  are carefully identified and enumerated while migrating past Schoodic Point.

Although we are documenting and examining many adverse effects of rapid environmental changes, we find hope for the future because of the dedicated work of Schoodic Institute bird monitors who focus on understanding change and creating solutions for birds, parks, and people.

Thank you for supporting the next generation of bird conservation science!