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Several Maine artists are offering workshops on our Winter Harbor campus this season. These are multi-day workshops with the option of meals and lodging.

Painting with Carol Douglas of Camden in August.
Plein-air painting with Philip Frey in August.
Plein-air painting with Liz Prescott in September.
Drawing with Kevin Beers in October.
Pastels with Tom Curry of Brooklin in October.







Carol Douglas offers a workshop for helping painters refine their personal technique in watercolor, pastel, oils and acrylics. It will help artists find their own voice and style, without becoming anyone’s clone. This is an intensive class, with morning and afternoon on-site painting sessions and lunch-time demos.

Dedicated painters with intermediate and advanced skills will learn color theory and design while stretching visual repertoire through series work in a plein-air painting workshop with Philip Frey.

Liz Prescott will offer a September plein-air painting workshop for those with some plein-air experience and basic painting skills.

Tom Curry returns with a three-day pastel workshop to develop skills and vision.

Later in October, all levels of skill and experience are invited to sharpen drawing skills with Kevin Beers. Learn how to organize and design composition and how to mix colors to capture and express scene and emotion.

Participants are expected to comply with all COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, including wearing masks and observing physical distancing.

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